I wrote this poem as a retrospection to what the world is facing right now. I hope the vital message reaches to all the readers.


It amazes me to see,
Such a vibrant radiance.
That shines like the black moon,
And gives out light in tons.

It is the blackest of lights,
Spread wider than my view.
In the darkest of hours,
And nothing is anew.

Why is it so black?
Isn’t it light indeed?
But I say it is black light
Thicker than the blood we bleed.

But why is it black?
Is it really covered in blood?
Or by dark dust over our head,
Give it some thought!

I find different lights,
Some are red, some are blue,
While some are white,
But black! I don’t have a clue.

I held a competition of lights,
You know which light wins?
It is not white or blue,
And black widely grins.

Yes, it is the truth,
The truth that we live in.
Since white and blue fade away,
And black light is the reason.

But it is not darkness,
That we must fear, my friends.
It is the black light,
And your anima that, in sorrow, pains.

Then when I went back,
To the light competition.
I was told half the truth,
Which I don’t like to listen.

The other half is here,
“That black has won but,
If all the other lights unite,
And fight black with full gut.

They shall know that,
He is powerless and weak,
And he can’t even see,
‘Cause his vision is so bleak.”

Yes, I know darkness comes,
So comes this black light.
But after that shines the dawn,
And then shines the daylight.


-Inscribed By,





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