Split Second

An old one! Nonetheless, I smile whenever I read this poem.


Remember the first time we met!

I was all tired and full of sweat.

You saw me hustling to meet you,

And come close and then greet you.


You were looking beautiful in blue and cream,

You came back to me and hugged me in my dream.

Was I really looking so very calm and cool?

Or was I, in your eyes, just being a fool?


Both of us chatted for an hour end,

But now it seems like a split second.

I wish we could go back to then,

With a pen, every moment I would contain.


After we first met, we kept meeting again,

We shared our happiness, love, and pain.

Talking over the phone and sending lots of texts,

We knew not what was to be done next.


But time passed by unknowingly,

 I fell more in love with you, seemingly.

You came like the flicker of a candle,

And my heart was out of my handle.


Even today, when you’re with me,

My heart beats like it’s on a joyous spree.

I never want to end this happy journey,

That split second; I want it again to be.

That split second; I want it again – just you and me.


 – Inscribed By,




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