The Untitled

This one is a little different from what I normally write, in that the flow is quite quick and spontaneous. I hope you would enjoy reading this poem!

Taking a sip of coffee,

I sit on my bed.

Thinking of something to scribble,

And I find cupid hovering over my head.


Then I start to think,

And I blink, smiling to myself.

The picture connects, I take a break,

Oh! I surely need some help.


But there’s none to give me an ear,

I just need to take the decision.

Let it be; I’ll write about no one,

‘Cause my decision has no precision.


Yes, I should jot down about love, I said,

No! No! Just wait, take a look around.

Maybe it can get much better,

Someone screams with a very shriek sound.


I turn back, but find the room empty,

The sound has brought in sudden silence.

Was that someone really screaming?

Or has my mind started to play violins?


Let it be; I have to start writing,

Whatever it was; was a little ugly.

Now, should I write about a princess?

Or about a young girl who is bubbly?


Wait! Maybe I’ve already written,

What I wanted to convey.

If something else is what you want to read,

I’m sorry; you need to wait for some other day.


-Inscribed By,




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