Oh, how delighted I am to have been writing on this topic! Pleasure, eh? What’s pleasure? What gives us pleasure? A feeling of happiness and satisfaction that you truly enjoy – is it? And anything that makes you happy and satisfied gives you pleasure; my reasons may be entirely different from yours. But, now that I’ve got a chance, let’s dig deeper into this subject.

Sometimes, I sit and think for a long time. I don’t know what makes me think but it happens automatically. So, I rather don’t stop myself. Helping others gives me pleasure. But, I don’t understand whether I please others by helping them or I do it to please myself. The feeling of happiness and contentment that I get when I get a chance to make others smile is beautiful – I try doing it every day. It makes me feel blissful. I think about it at times of agony and distress. What about all the people that I made feel happy? Were they really joyful or was it just their pretence? Immediately, I rebuke myself for asking such a question. I am pleased once again. The angel and devil inside of me fight for no reason. When the angel takes one more foot towards victory, I get pleased. The devil must lose. However, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, it overpowers my angel and I end up being displeased.

So, as I think about all the people that I have offered a helping hand to, I ask myself, “Have I pleased myself or have I pleased them?” There are opinionated answers echoing inside my mind which leave me in a dilemma. I always wanted to ask this question to someone else. But I’m not good at explaining things by speech. Today, I would like to ask you, my reader! Do we please ourselves? Are we trying to be benevolent and philanthropic just so that we can appease our souls with the gifts of blessings that we receive? What do you feel when you help someone, when you care for them, when you guide them along the right path? I know it surely gives you pleasure, but is it only for the pleasure that you do so?

Finally, I rest my thoughts in ice. They are like endless knots that get entangled among themselves. So, I stop delving deep into them. Then, pleasure – for sure, I get.


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(01. 07. 2016)




6 thoughts on “PLEAS(e?s)URE!

  1. I think helping someone is a 2 way process. You help others and simultaneously, help yourselves too. So, don’t question helping just flow with the river of pleasure which you get from helping others.
    Some questions should be left unanswered! 🙂

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    1. I guess that’s true! Helping someone always gives me that feeling of ecstasy which you normally don’t get to feel. That’s why I had this question in mind – Am I helping others or are they helping me be happy?

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