Coming close to someone you love,

Is like living a dream of luck-by-chance.

She comes like a beautiful breeze,

And you feel her dropping in your arms.


The slow talks and her charming pats,

Raising her voice in a defending tone.

You take a step back as you gaze,

And with a cute gesture you just moan.


Both of you know it is something enchanting,

But she knows that she better beware.

Boys aren’t bitches, but there can be something fishy,

When they, for you, unnecessarily start to care.


Not everyone will have the same feeling,

Not everyone is the same.

Some love more than they crave for heaven,

While for some, it’s just a game.


But when a relationship starts perfect,

It needs to have a perfect ending.

Because love is a piece of soft metal,

That does always require some mending.


The first date; and you are nervous,

With a beautiful smile on her face, she comes.

You feel so secure and loved, when in your ears,

‘I love you’ – these three words she hums.


You spend some time together,

And come close to each other.

Then you close your eyes,

Coz there’s nothing else you bother.


Both of you hold each other,

With your lips clutching hers.

You feel the great romance,

Blooming like the spring flowers.


The joy of the lively date,

You are surely gonna miss.

Coz it doesn’t happen every single time,

It is the best of the best – The First Kiss.



-Inscribed by,





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