All Yours

Life is not just about living alone,

So lost in the moments of your own.

People around you want to mingle,

‘Cause they don’t like you being single.


Not all the things that you like are good,

Not all the people, you think who should.

Pretending of the life that you don’t like,

Don’t let me down and evade from my sight.


Enjoying everything that you do,

I try to cherish all your moves.

It’s not that I feel timid,

But your preoccupation with friends is rigid.


I still will not be able to illustrate,

All those decisions involving you that I make.

Coz all the bullshit people would be talking,

Just lies nearby to what I call mocking.


In the fast lane of life, I have this tale,

Thinking of your absence makes me so pale.

The way it comes is the way it goes,

I’m all yours girl, from head to toes.


-Inscribed By,




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