This One’s For My Dad

This special poem is for my father, who works hard to fulfill our desires. Thank you for making me who I am today, baba!


My dad works a lot; never misses any class,

It is not his rigidity, but his love for mass.

Honesty drives him ahead even as years pass,

People don’t know how much he cares, as he tends to be harsh.


Never thought we would get so close,

Share our thoughts and watch the same TV shows.

‘Cause you were inclined on breaking my nose,

When I was beside you, praising your foes.


Upon receiving your call on my phone,

I feel happy; it feels like home.

The way you speak, changing your tone,

I like it when you advise me to do things on my own.


You have always been an inspiration to me,

You guide me in being the person I ought to be.

I have never really expressed with full sincerity,

That I love and respect you for who you are daddy.


I know you’ve always been the best dad,

Though sometimes, at me, you go mad.

And sometimes, maybe I make you sad,

But, you’re the one and only; you’re my dad.



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