I write today, for I can do so. I write because I am well-equipped with a laptop, two hands, a well-functioning brain, and the internet. But everyone isn’t well-equipped; maybe you know someone such. There are millions of people who are deprived of lots of modern technological advancements that we use; millions who are deprived of a sound mental condition; millions deprived of a place to live and something to eat daily; and millions more who are deprived of education. This deprivation is not just common, but also deeply rives humanity.

How often are we thankful or grateful to God for what he has given us? Do we only pray to God when we are in trouble, or do we even thank him when we are happy? I believe that humans are nothing but opportunist animals. We never miss any chance to grow in riches and position. But those who are deprived; what about them? Do they get the chance to grow in the society? We try all the more to dominate them and not let them come up in life. That is like adding salt to a wound – on top of that person’s deprivation, we deeply rive them.

I do not wish to change the entire world; I wish, but, to change one person who can surely change another. Let us not deprive the already deprived of their basic necessities. Let us heal this deep wound instead of adding salt to it. Let us help the helpless and the hapless for they have a life too. Let us, because we can and we aren’t deprived.


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(27. 06. 2016)



6 thoughts on “De(e)p-rive

  1. Many in our society do not get a chance. Millions – including me – wear the ‘scarlet felony’ on our chest. The world suddenly feels like a lonely, desolate place, of judges. From the desolation and deprivation within me grew a shift – a compassion – an empathy – a sense of gratitude and a purpose: to help create change.

    Like you said – even I can help create change in just one person – it’s worth it.

    Great read. Thanks.

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    1. The word ‘judge’ is the most fitting word here – I admire it. We all judge each other as if we are living each others’ lives. The best part about deprived people are that they are deprived of judgement too – they live their lives in peace. I hope to at least be able to support a few children to get good education. That’s my motive for change!
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

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