My Marvellous Mom

This is a very special poem – closest to my heart. My ma, who is and will always be the best of the best, doesn’t even know that I’ve written a poem for her. I am quite inexpressive and aloof in reality, so my loved ones do not even know if I love them as much as they do. Poems are the only way for me to convey my feelings for them. This one is for you MA.


Hi Mom! Do you recognize me?

On this note, mama laughs “he he he”.

Then I ask her, “Can I wear this tee?”

She replies with a nod and a smile for free.


Then I start choosing a new T-shirt,

To make sure that it is free of dirt.

“Baby, what are you doing? It just irks”,

Says my mom, and picks up a clean, green shirt.


She gets me ready, makes me look smart,

Happily I put on my shoes, and then start.

The journey for which a bag I cart,

And she bids me goodbye with a broken heart.


I encounter obstacles, she gets worried,

I start feeling hungry, and she doesn’t eat.

She feels hurt when any rude guy I meet,

But I know nothing about this; am unaware of it.


After my journey ends and I come back,

Tired yet happy, I put down my backpack.

My mom smiles and gets me some snack,

I don’t even know how I must thank!


No one knows the value of a mother,

And no one even tries to bother.

But, as I know the importance of my mother,

I will care for her; ’cause I won’t get another.



-Inscribed By,



Thank You


5 thoughts on “My Marvellous Mom

    1. Thank you 🙂

      A mother is an angel on earth. I can definitely agree to your comment. Yet on top of that, a mother is a soulmate to another hard-working and one of the most amazing creations on earth – “Father”.
      Lucky are those who have both of them!

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  1. It’s one of the best poems on Mother I’ve ever read.
    The best part is that you kept is simple and realistic. The reader could easily relate to it. The emotions are so well depicted as if they come straight from your heart to your pen. The connection with a mother is beautifully portrayed

    “The journey for which a bag I cart,

    And she bids me goodbye with a broken heart.”

    The broken heart conveys the emotion of a sad departure, which I can feel too.

    The last stanza is just amazing. The role which a mother can play in our lives is very crucial, without her, life is unimaginable. I too know the importance of my mother. Even millions of Thank yous can’t express my gratitude and respect for her.

    We should all be grateful to our mother and never give them pains.

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    1. Thank you for the elaborate summary of your understanding of this poem. I wanted to let the readers decipher this poem with ease because that’s how our mothers are – simplistic and always understanding.
      “We should all be grateful to our mother and never give them pains.”
      We should always be! If we hurt our mothers, there’s no God that can forgive us.

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