Life is Rollin’

This is one of the ‘current event’ poems that I’ve written. This one was written quite a long time ago; I felt like posting it today. I’d respect your compliments and criticisms.


To all that is happening around me,

I feel that I can really see.

That which is going on, and so damn fast,

Is not gonna survive, not even last.


I can see someone writing his notes,

I could have put all these inside quotes.

But he is even listening to what she says,

And I know that he really cares.


Inside the flat is another room,

Yes, we do have a dustbin and a broom.

I can’t see anyone through the wall,

Yet, I know that he’s trying to make a call.


The big room in which two of us stay,

Plus the small room for which we have to pay.

There’s one of my roommate completing his project,

And his other hand busy replying a text.


I hear the bubbling sound of hot water,

That is boiling in a pot filled up a quarter.

Now, my roommate is gonna go and unplug the pot,

And pour into the cup, water that is very hot.


I am just restless, lying down in my bed,

No one to love to, still none to hate.

But, I feel that I will realize my dream,

And get my girl; make her my queen.



– Inscribed By,




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