A billion wishes, million prayers, and tens of thousands of visits are a part of one of the very important constituent elements of the world – Religion. While some people turn their backs to it and some dig deep so as to never returning from spirituality, I have always been in awe in this regard. Choosing between belief and disbelief, one form and another, one religion and the other is always a thorny issue. It isn’t simply an issue for someone as an individual; it is rather an issue based on parenthood, social beliefs, education, and myriads of other issues. That’s why religion makes me think, it keeps me in awe.

Thousands of years ago, when our forefathers (or maybe not) innovated a concept called religion, they would’ve never pondered over the fact that it would be the most controversial and arguable topic in the future. Today, there are more than 4300 religions in this world according to Adherents.com; at least 10 of them are widely known. Christianity alone has more than twenty groups with a lot of sub-groups therein. Considering the fact that religion has become one of the most important issues these days, there have been lots of attempts and successes at religious conversion. I don’t understand one fact: if religion is such an important issue, why do you change it? If you actually want to change your religion, then why is it even important? I am left in awe by this nature of possessiveness in religious groups.

But that’s not a big problem. Is it? No, it isn’t. That’s quite normal. One thing that humans have by birth is their right to freedom. We have the freedom to choose whatever religion we like, as we do with our life. The problem lies not in the change but in that which doesn’t change – and that’s our attitude towards other religions. Believing in your religion is definitely not a problem for me, but pointing a finger at my religion is a problem. I won’t point a finger at you and you too do the same. Is it so difficult? I bet it isn’t. People fighting in the name of religion are the most cowardly and irreligious people in this world. No religion states that we should fight against each other for supremacy. First of all, no religion is superior to another – don’t give me that bullshit. Secondly, what’s the use fighting against each other for something that you don’t know even exists?

Although the problem doesn’t look so big, it actually is! The trouble lies deeply rooted within us. Disrespect, hypocrisy, prejudice, and religious chauvinism are firmly attached to a religion – or to be clear enough, to its followers. We are blinded by something that we don’t know much about. To praise god, to fear him, and to believe in the almighty is a wonderful thing – I’ve never written a word against it. But to fight in his name and to fight for supremacy and dominion is an evil and outrageous deed. This must, somehow, be stopped. I know, I know. Some people are trying their best. But one tree cannot provide oxygen to an entire city. Change is a must now. Religious amendments must be made and that can only be done in unison. Let us be one for the better. Let us be in awe of how religions make the society we live in and not how they break it.



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(23. 06. 2016)




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