New Tech

It is the world of hi-tech devices,

Cameras and phones of different sizes.

Ovens and toaster working with Java,

Mobile phone companies like Samsung, Apple and Lava.


New inventions and discoveries made every year,

Sometimes it is a tape, sometimes a gear.

We are slowly moving into a world only of computers,

Where there would be no students, nor be tutors.


No! I cannot work with papers and pen,

Say all those black-suited, office-going men.

They order for an I-Pad or a tablet,

As they would like to surf the internet.


The world relies on the semiconductor chips,

And those processors that process in MIPS.

Intel and AMD devise their new core,

Yes, we feel their need more and more.


Is the world being too much dependent,

On these new technical equipments?

Have we been so needy of them,

As to needing them in happiness or in pain?


If the answer is yes, and for good,

Then nothing’s wrong with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

But if it is hurting us more than previous ones,

Then why take so much risk and luck-by-chance?



– Inscribed By,




6 thoughts on “New Tech

    1. Yes, I believe there are dangers on both sides – the equation may be well balanced. But too much sophistication is also a danger. Looking at the rate at which technology is growing, I fear we won’t be sending our kids to school in the near future. That’s not too bad, either! But I think there must be a ‘comma’ in technological advancements too, and a ‘semicolon’ in its use.

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  1. My name is Tyree I’m 11 years old. I’m also an inventor of many things but my parents don’t have the funds to get my in ventions patented, so where do I go from here? Any suggestions please….


    1. Hi Tyree! First of all, congratulations on your inventions. May you keep on building new stuffs valuable to mankind.
      But I am the wrong person to ask about the funding for your venture. I’m sorry that I couldn’t answer you.


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