A friend, a colleague, a partner – aren’t they all synonyms for a companion? The one, who stands by you, accompanies you, joins you in your doings is perhaps a companion. Your parents are companions for life, albeit in some instances when their companionship doesn’t work out well. Your friend is the best example of a companion. S/he will stay beside you at times of distress (well, not everyone does. Therefore you need to choose them wisely 😉 ), share your joy, relieve you off any pressure, and accompany you in the life you lead.

But I have a very unique companion – Music. It isn’t that I don’t have friends or I don’t mingle with people. I’m good at that too. Yet music has a different bonding with me. Without music, it is quite difficult for me to spend a day. Moreover, music has no boundaries; one can enjoy every type of music from every land in this world. To me, music means something more than a collection of words with some tune to it. If it wasn’t so, I would’ve never liked thrash metal (Where’s the tune in it?). Yet, even music without meaningful lyrics appeases me (That’s why I listen to lots of German and south Indian songs that go over my head). Seriously, music knows no boundaries in any case. Perhaps, that’s the reason why the K-pop number ‘Gangnam Style’ nearly crashed YouTube.

“Music is what feelings sound like” – I’d read this quote somewhere in the Internet. It must be true. I ask you a question: When do you consider someone your companion? Isn’t it when they begin to understand your feelings? Music conveys the untold feelings of the songwriters (sometimes the singer). You get to express what you feel from within with the help of a beautiful song. That is the power of music. With music, your thoughts accompany you – they are your companions. On top of that, they come in different genres, just like we’ve friends of different types.

My journey with music has been a constantly shifting one. I started with soft Nepali melodies, changed to hard rock, country, blues, then pop and dance, and now listen to almost all of the genres. I bet I couldn’t have been a companion to so many varying types of people. See! Music is always flexible :D. Whether or not music is a good companion to others, it has always been a supporting pillar in my life. It is, indeed, my favorite companion.

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(21. 06. 2016)




10 thoughts on “Companion

  1. Yes, so true. I don’t think poetry would have come to me the same way and with the same interest without music’s influence. Both are good companions of mine.


      1. I too like rhyming poems, though I write a lot of open-form poetry for the sake of not forcing rhymes. I think the pairing of certain words is as poetic as rhymes.

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      2. That’s a talent that you seem to have. It is a pity that I could not learn to pair words and always focused only in rhyming. Sometimes, even I feel that my rhymes are just for the sake of being there to fit in when they actually don’t.


    1. Thank you Manpreet! 🙂
      I would like to show my support to your comment with a quote of mine (I really hope there isn’t already the same quote by someone else).
      “Someone who leads a life deprived of art and music leads no life at all” – Baba AddKluZiv 😀

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