I know you’re still there,

But I don’t know if you care.

I’ve been, since then, always missing,

I can’t say how I am living.


Underneath the blue sky,

Where I have spent my life.

I have been looking for you,

I have nowhere else to go to.


From the time of our first meet,

The memories have always been sweet.

No quarrels and only smile,

That too has gone farther awhile.


Short chirps and smart talks,

No flattery and no mocks.

Small moments to cherish alone,

Baby, I still miss you more.


Sometimes I feel I need you forever,

But I am afraid more than ever.

That you would come and leave,

With no more smiles, just eyes to weep.


I never thought of this before,

I guess you may already know.

Coz you take advantage of my love,

I can take it no more; it’s too tough.


All the words seem to have buried,

I have no idea of what I did.

You’re in the heart that I kill,

But still, I’m still…





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