It Happened In Smiles


I just don’t know how,

You took me far from this world.

Can’t even say whether this is sumthin’ old,

Or has a new flag unfurled!!


Your first glance captivated me,

The second one was even more touching.

Cause it made me fall for you,

And my eyes couldn’t resist watching.


The way you smiled,

As you gave the lovely pose.

All through my body,

The feeling of love then rose.


I couldn’t stop thinking ‘bout you,

The thought was so healing.

As your absence for even a second,

Was the loneliest feeling.


Now that I know we’re too far,

The distance has furthered yet.

Shall not express it ever,

‘Cause we must forget that we met.


Wanna bade you goodbye,

With lots of luck and wishes.

Nothing much to leave for you,

Other than a lot of kisses.


Inscribed By,




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