Heavenly Mystique

This is my first poem in the English language. Please bear with my flaws, for “To err is human!”.


I am starting this poem,

With lots of thoughts.

Maybe they are awry,

Maybe some I forgot.


Some girls are weak,

Some girls are strong.

All through the poem,

I may be wrong.


Some are really stupid,

Some are more than cute.

Some seem fatter than a balloon,

While some slimmer than a flute.


Some don’t know how to talk,

Some can’t even properly walk.

Even after so much of acquaintance,

They ultimately give you a shock.


All girls may still blush,

They may instil in you, love.

They may take away your freedom,

And even your lifelong job.


They get attracted really fast,

To things that they find good.

Some girls find it difficult to speak,

While some are really rude.




Some behave like a tomboy,

While some are really nasty.

Some take it really easy,

To find a beer when thirsty.


Most are really silly,

Some of them are smart.

I don’t know whether it is nature’s law,

Or is it an artificial art?


Some have eyes of shades,

Some have mushroom ears.

Some with ugly noses,

Some always with tears.


No one really nice,

No one that pretty cool.

Am I missing someone?

Or am I being a fool?


No! I am not gone-case,

Nor am I some kinda freak.

I would not miss a chance,

To play a cool trick.


Coz there is a unique one,

Bearing the heavenly mystique.

Her eyes try to say something,

Her presence someone seeks.


Not only her blessed beauty,

Not only her charming face.

She isn’t just a work of art,

But the almighty’s grace.


She is not even weak,

Neither is she too strong.

But the best thing is that,

She can wait for long.


She loves to be stupid,

Yet she is the most cute.

The sweetest girl I ever met,

Never tends to be mute.


She can talk in the best way,

That you will love to listen.

Her lovely little soft heart,

And the beauty that glistens.


When she blushes out red,

My heart stops beating.

I know that I am no liar,

I won’t ever be cheating.


Whether it is her mystifying aroma,

Or whether it is her glow.

It makes me feel stupendous,

My words don’t stop to flow.


I know her since just a few days back,

But I don’t feel that is the case.

Is it true that I am,

With myself in a race?


Whenever she comes close,

A light, cold breeze strikes.

I am taken away by it,

In a world full of psyche.


The best qualities in her,

are longer than a mile.

The best is her adorable face,

With the most pleasant smile.


And she is the one,

Bearing the heavenly mystique.

She speaks with her eyes,

Her presence I seek.

Your presence I seek.



Inscribed by,




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