What is Love?

Warning: Loving and reading about love may be injurious to health (not always your health) 😉

An abstract term such as love is obviously to be meticulously dealt with when it is explained. Love can never actually be jotted down perfectly in a sentence. But, rather it can be perpetually described using the words that emerge from one’s heart.

Love does not necessarily oppose hate. As a fundamental part of love can be hate, so it is an injudicious clause to say that ‘Love is the opposite of hate’. In formal and imprecise sense, love can surely be the opposite of hate; but not in the actual and descriptive sense, where loving involves hating.

Loving someone is not just liking them, getting close to them, touching them or not being able to stay far from them. The essence of love cannot be felt by the physical impression of that person, but by what they do to you – how they make you feel. Simply getting close to a person by their complexion and physique is mere infatuation, and not love. What segregates love from infatuation is the fact that love is perpetual whereas the latter is for the nonce, or just a matter of a few months. Remember, there is nothing called true love since love itself is a sacred word that is always true. But, since, people now-a-days often do not fall in love but just get infatuated, love is given the new name ‘true love’, and infatuation is known by the name ‘love’. So when people get into this new ‘love’ aka ‘infatuation’, and it reaches a stage where they actually start to understand the real feelings of the opposite heart, it is said to be ‘true love’. ‘False love’ can definitely be a wrong perception of your partner, or just high-level infatuation.

Lust is not a part of love; yet it is an important element in infatuated hearts. To make love is a matter of years of knowing and getting caught up in each others emotional activities, and also being able to understand each other truly. Love-making is a sacred ingredient of love. Nowadays, it has become a child’s play for every other individual to make love with his/her partner. But, love sincerely does not desire sex; the two minds congregate their utmost emotions to get themselves involved in the most sacred ritual of love. It happens; but without any erotic desire.

Love brings two opposite and different people together – that is the power of love. Love occasionally involves kissing, teasing, cuddling, and occultist talks. Yet, love isn’t just about all these occasional events, but rather about the process of reading the persona and the anima of your partner. Lovers do not counteract on misleading decisions of their partner. Instead, they try to neutralize the decision so as to increase their affection for each other. An infatuated mind, on the other hand, does not see the point to neutralize the decision. It takes unnecessary risks, gets into problems, and then repents about it; in most of the cases, hurting the feelings of their partners.

As mentioned earlier in the context of definition, love cannot be plotted down in just a few words and made a definition of. Still, this is the best definition that can be drawn from all that I know about love. Love is an abstract feeling or emotion, with no relation to the persona of a person, which can incite the mind with the untold words conveyed by the beating heart of your partner.  Subsequently, loving a person is actually developing a feeling for that person, irrespective of his/her bodily structure or persona, which can convey the untold words of their heart to your mind. This process of developing, co-incidentally, happens automatically and without your brain’s knowledge. That is why love is blind and dumb too. You can do nothing to prevent yourself from falling in love, only but when it is infatuation.

I hope you did not fall in love with my post! 😀


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