The Indian Media

                 Media is a readily used term for the English word (here a noun) – medium. As everyone knows what a medium is, I need not explain it in details. But, in a short stretch, a medium is an intermediate for communication between 2 distinct objects, be they people or any natural or artificial thing. In terms of mass communication and telecommunication, a media connects two different people or groups of people and helps them exchange information. India has, since independence, had its era of DD television in forms of sports, news, soaps, and so on. But, it was only till around 1990s that this monopoly of DD in the Indian mass communication market flourished. No soon did the 90s era begin, there was a tremendous increase in the number of television viewers in India. Not only did the people in cities become a part of this change but every rich house in the villages started getting new television sets fixed in their drawing rooms. There was a boom in the mass communication market. New companies started their channels – some with the collaboration of DD and some without it. This sudden and arithmetic increase in the no. of TV channels gave a new rise to the Indian communication market. This was how media in India grew up as a baby and is now enjoying adolescence.

                But, its adolescence is very nicely melted with the sweet taste of flattery, cajoles, and hypes. Since the Indian media has taken its foot in the market in the form of mass communication, different news channels have enjoyed the love they have received from political parties in the form of grants and bribes. I have always had many questions in my mind after watching anti-corruption movies. When will it be that India would be corruption-free? When will politicians not be like tyrants and work for the people? When will the Indian media get to know its actual duty and value? So many questions arise and all of them are nipped at the bud. Has anyone asked why? I do not think anyone has had the curiosity to ask the question – Why? After all, everyone has their own life and no one is willing to bother about the other fellow in the neighborhood even if he is seriously sick. Drifting right back to the matter, we all know about our Indian media. Channels like DD National, CNN-IBN and NDTV have most often come up to my expectations. No matter however disastrous or venerated the truth is, these channels try not to hide it under the seat. But, news channels like Aaj Tak, Zee News, News 24, and so many more have nothing more than absurd news. News about a politician’s birthday, a Bollywood star appearing on the covers of a magazine, hypothetical relationship between people is all that they have in their pockets. If that is news for them, then I would respectfully order them to get their money-printing machines shut and bid them goodbye. The hopeless quality of news with so much of added, fake materials make it similar to any TV soap. Even the latter are bettering in quality these days.
                Politicians in India have made this country dirty. They are no more than rogues and villains acting as a servant of India but actually working against our motherland. A few handpicked politicians have always tried to work in accordance with the law but, as my saying goes, “One brilliant student is always crushed by the rest of the idiots”. So, the form of democracy in India has been morphing itself into slow tyranny. If this continues into being, a day will come when the commoners have to beg for life even in their own houses. The only element which can curb this growing tyranny in the Indian political system is the Indian media. Only if social activists like Anna Hazare and Aruna Roy work for a better India, it is not sufficient. India needs young people like you and me who can fight for her, who can speak in her favor, and who will never betray her. The media is so powerful that within a small period of time, it can change the whole political scenario of any country, especially of India, as Indian government is for the people, by the people, and of the people. The media confronts not only the politicians and the so-called heads of the country, but also us – the common people. It can act as a voice of the people – “for the good, against the bad”. The media can change the way the country works. It is all in the hands of the Indian media. And, I hope a change will come soon.

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