Proud Hypocrites

You never quenched the thirst of a thirsty old man,
Now you give him elixir; what’s the use?
You never fed the hungry begging down the streets,
And you distribute prasad; I don’t understand your views.

You never allowed the untouchables to enter the temples,
Yet you eat what they reap; where’s your honour?
You let the rich go and hold the poor guilty,
Then you talk about equality; that’s how you define order!

You create rifts between people through reservation,
And ask them to put equal effort; Aren’t you a fool?
You create sects to divide our religions,
Then you talk about unity; That’s your unique tool.

You want to be honored with trophies galore,
But act just the opposite; What hypocrisy!
You kill people in the name of just anything,
and quickly empathize with the victims; No! Nothing fishy.

You use the mass to climb up the ladder,
And act like you look behind; I know you don’t.
You help a few, chosen ones to get up in life,
only if they serve you a purpose; else you won’t.

You disgraceful fool – the child of a mother,
You ugly, smiling demon – unworthy of love.
I pray that death may come not so easy to you,
Cause I can only pray; I don’t have a hand above.

– AddKluZiv (19.05.2016)


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