Love thy Cloud!

The first thing that comes on my mind when I think about clouds is the fluffy, soft, white thing on the sky that looks like a pillow made up of lots of intersecting circles. I hope it is the same with most of us.

Don’t get confused with the CLOUD from Cloud Computing. This article isn’t about that cloud but the natural one.

A cloud is, perhaps, one of the words in English that doesn’t express what it is thought of to be! If it was a soft, white pillow, it should have been a positive word- right? But wait, what does a ‘cloud’ signify? Bad thoughts, negative emotions, and so on. So, when we say, “Such a clouded consciousness”, it means that our emotional and intelligence capabilities are hindered. Certainly, a ‘cloud’ doesn’t seem to be a positive word even though it looks so beautiful in the sky. We have a reason to defend it – the rain. The cloud, however fluffy and beatific it may look, always carries rain with it. Obviously, rain (eventually water) is one of the most important elements of our universe. But, the English language doesn’t think so! In romantic terms, rain falling from a cloud is analogous to tears falling from someone’s eyes. Maybe, that’s why the English language adopted ‘cloud’ as a negative word.

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Coming close to someone you love,

Is like living a dream of luck-by-chance.

She comes like a beautiful breeze,

And you feel her dropping in your arms.


The slow talks and her charming pats,

Raising her voice in a defending tone.

You take a step back as you gaze,

And with a cute gesture you just moan.


Both of you know it is something enchanting,

But she knows that she better beware.

Boys aren’t bitches, but there can be something fishy,

When they, for you, unnecessarily start to care.


Not everyone will have the same feeling,

Not everyone is the same.

Some love more than they crave for heaven,

While for some, it’s just a game.


But when a relationship starts perfect,

It needs to have a perfect ending.

Because love is a piece of soft metal,

That does always require some mending.


The first date; and you are nervous,

With a beautiful smile on her face, she comes.

You feel so secure and loved, when in your ears,

‘I love you’ – these three words she hums.


You spend some time together,

And come close to each other.

Then you close your eyes,

Coz there’s nothing else you bother.


Both of you hold each other,

With your lips clutching hers.

You feel the great romance,

Blooming like the spring flowers.


The joy of the lively date,

You are surely gonna miss.

Coz it doesn’t happen every single time,

It is the best of the best – The First Kiss.



-Inscribed by,




Scam Publishers

A good day to all my fellow WPressers!

Today, I want and need to write about something that a new, budding author may fall for – PUBLISHING.

Publishing sounds really good and enticing to all those aspiring and already-aspired authors. For those who have already published, I hope that they’ll get their new contracts with much ease than those who are yet to. But new authors must prove themselves. Therein lies the danger of getting swindled and cheated by so-called VANITY PUBLISHERS.

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All Yours

Life is not just about living alone,

So lost in the moments of your own.

People around you want to mingle,

‘Cause they don’t like you being single.


Not all the things that you like are good,

Not all the people, you think who should.

Pretending of the life that you don’t like,

Don’t let me down and evade from my sight.


Enjoying everything that you do,

I try to cherish all your moves.

It’s not that I feel timid,

But your preoccupation with friends is rigid.


I still will not be able to illustrate,

All those decisions involving you that I make.

Coz all the bullshit people would be talking,

Just lies nearby to what I call mocking.


In the fast lane of life, I have this tale,

Thinking of your absence makes me so pale.

The way it comes is the way it goes,

I’m all yours girl, from head to toes.


-Inscribed By,




Oh, how I love to sit in front of my computer and read and write WordPress articles! The joy it gives me when I check out the new Daily prompt after waiting for it to appear in the blog is immense. But, what drives the machine that I use to communicate my thoughts with millions of other bloggers? What does my computer run on? Obviously, everyone knows it – electricity. Where does it come from? This one’s easy too – Coal, natural gas, water, and other sources. There is always very high demand of electricity as we are becoming more tech-savvy every new day. Today, hydroelectricity, or simply electricity generated by hydro-power, is much more in demand.

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I write today, for I can do so. I write because I am well-equipped with a laptop, two hands, a well-functioning brain, and the internet. But everyone isn’t well-equipped; maybe you know someone such. There are millions of people who are deprived of lots of modern technological advancements that we use; millions who are deprived of a sound mental condition; millions deprived of a place to live and something to eat daily; and millions more who are deprived of education. This deprivation is not just common, but also deeply rives humanity.

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This One’s For My Dad

This special poem is for my father, who works hard to fulfill our desires. Thank you for making me who I am today, baba!


My dad works a lot; never misses any class,

It is not his rigidity, but his love for mass.

Honesty drives him ahead even as years pass,

People don’t know how much he cares, as he tends to be harsh.


Never thought we would get so close,

Share our thoughts and watch the same TV shows.

‘Cause you were inclined on breaking my nose,

When I was beside you, praising your foes.


Upon receiving your call on my phone,

I feel happy; it feels like home.

The way you speak, changing your tone,

I like it when you advise me to do things on my own.


You have always been an inspiration to me,

You guide me in being the person I ought to be.

I have never really expressed with full sincerity,

That I love and respect you for who you are daddy.


I know you’ve always been the best dad,

Though sometimes, at me, you go mad.

And sometimes, maybe I make you sad,

But, you’re the one and only; you’re my dad.



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Why Am I Here?

Yes, it is time to awaken!

Alex Moses 101

I want your help, yes yours!!! You are my dear reader and you might help me!

I started this page on May 6th of 2016 with only one purpose in mind: to share my life knowledge with you. The purpose of this blog is to find people who can take advantage of “13 Steps To Awakening” course that took me almost 30 years of my life to put together.

People who took this course have transformed their lives 180 degrees, saved their marriages, improved relationships with friends and family, helped them to find their life purpose, gave them recognition, helped them improve their financial situation, and helped them to be happy again.

So why do I need your help? I want you to spread the word that there is a course that can do all of the things I have mentioned above and much more. The course has only 13…

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My Marvellous Mom

This is a very special poem – closest to my heart. My ma, who is and will always be the best of the best, doesn’t even know that I’ve written a poem for her. I am quite inexpressive and aloof in reality, so my loved ones do not even know if I love them as much as they do. Poems are the only way for me to convey my feelings for them. This one is for you MA.


Hi Mom! Do you recognize me?

On this note, mama laughs “he he he”.

Then I ask her, “Can I wear this tee?”

She replies with a nod and a smile for free.


Then I start choosing a new T-shirt,

To make sure that it is free of dirt.

“Baby, what are you doing? It just irks”,

Says my mom, and picks up a clean, green shirt.


She gets me ready, makes me look smart,

Happily I put on my shoes, and then start.

The journey for which a bag I cart,

And she bids me goodbye with a broken heart.


I encounter obstacles, she gets worried,

I start feeling hungry, and she doesn’t eat.

She feels hurt when any rude guy I meet,

But I know nothing about this; am unaware of it.


After my journey ends and I come back,

Tired yet happy, I put down my backpack.

My mom smiles and gets me some snack,

I don’t even know how I must thank!


No one knows the value of a mother,

And no one even tries to bother.

But, as I know the importance of my mother,

I will care for her; ’cause I won’t get another.



-Inscribed By,



Thank You


A billion wishes, million prayers, and tens of thousands of visits are a part of one of the very important constituent elements of the world – Religion. While some people turn their backs to it and some dig deep so as to never returning from spirituality, I have always been in awe in this regard. Choosing between belief and disbelief, one form and another, one religion and the other is always a thorny issue. It isn’t simply an issue for someone as an individual; it is rather an issue based on parenthood, social beliefs, education, and myriads of other issues. That’s why religion makes me think, it keeps me in awe.

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